21 Scenes in 31 days

Okay, so I did a bullet point list of each individual scene that I have left in my novel until the end, and the total comes to 21. That’s it. 21 scenes until this book is done. Wow.

As I said in an earlier post, I want to be finished by my birthday. That is is exactly 31 days. So, do you think I can do it? I feel a bit like I’m preparing for a marathon. Though, seeing as how I’ve never actually ran a marathon, or even a 5K . . . okay, not even a mile. Regardless, I know that I am in for a tough push to the end.

On a different note, it was rather exhilarating to see my book plotted out until the end. In writing this book, my vision has been quite myopic. I can see
about an arms length in front of me, and only blurred notions beyond. So, it was a rush to realize that the end is finally coming clear now. I mean, I always knew that the end would consist of an epic battle with the bad guy(remember this is a YA Fantasy,) but how that was all going to play out was undetermined, just flashes of ideas and images.

But, no longer. Now, I can see the finish line. It’s still a ways off, I grant you. But, I’m closer than ever before. Stick around with me, and I’ll keep you updated on how my 21 scenes in 31 days turns out.


3 Responses to 21 Scenes in 31 days

  1. Brady Frost says:

    I’m excited! Keep us updated!

  2. Wow, that’s terrific! Yes, you can do it! *waves pompoms, kicks and cheers*

  3. Brady Frost says:

    Hey, what’s goin’ on here? No new posts for a while? I won’t be having that! I hereby challenge you to a Coffeeshop Confessional!
    Don’t know what that is? Follow the link and get crackin!