A goal

I have always had this goal, lurking in the back of my mind: to finish Newy by the time I go to Utah. My family is still asking about Tristan, and that’s not gonna happen. I want to be able to give them something.

And now that I know I am going to meet my two writer buddies (YIPPEE!!), I feel even more inspiration. Then we can all gab about each other’s books. (Which we will do anyway, but still.)

So here is the break down, I am about 32,000k. An average book is 60,70k. So, I am about half way done. In order to finish in two weeks, (I’d have to give you girls time to read it) I would need to write 2500 words A DAY.

Hmmm . . . can I do it? I wrote 3000 words today. And, I do have it all plotted out to the end.

Double Hmm . . . this should be interesting.


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  1. Kiersten says:

    Do it! Do it! Do it!

  2. Natalie says:


  3. Natalie says:

    Me and Kierst are all bummed over queries–we need your book to perk us up.

  4. lol

    Well, I will try. I am going into crazy mode now. Meaning, I use every moment where I can’t be writing, thinking about what I am going to write next, so that when I actually sit down to the computer, I can slam it out.

    Also, I think the major rush of house showings is over, so I should be good there.

    We’ll see. I’m sure gonna try.

  5. Kiersten says:

    Oh, I guess I’m used to that one from facebook. But it’s super cute ; )

    And yeah, Renee, you can totally do it! That’s the same groove I was in with Flash. Working on it every chance I got, thinking about it the rest of the time. I’m so excited for you!

  6. Natalie says:

    Oh, I miss crazy mode. It’s so exciting and satisfying. Too bad query mode has to be shortly after that…

    I have tried to start a query for Blood Dragon a few times…all have been awful.

  7. You gals are on Facebook? That’s it. I’m searching you out.

  8. Oh, and, I’m not looking forward to query stage. My attempts with Tristan literally brought me to tears.

  9. Natalie says:

    Yeah! I’ve been looking for you forever!

  10. Kiersten says:

    Yeah! I kept searching for you on there but couldn’t find anything. I was going to tell you to join, but then I figured you might be like Hot Stuff, who hates those things and refuses to have any sort of online presence whatsoever. Mostly because he’s worried it would hurt him professionally.

  11. Heh, Ben is kinda the same as Hot stuff. He has a blog that he wants to be completely anonymous because he talks very frankly about his political views and he doesn’t want it to one day come back to haunt him.

  12. By the way, it will be quite amusing to meet in person. I am really tall. I think I might tower over both of you.

  13. Kiersten says:

    Twelve year olds tower over me. I’m used to it.

    4’11”. How tall are you, Natalie? And how tall is tall, Renee?

  14. Natalie says:

    I’m just a meager 5’3″, I won’t do too much towering. I’m used to most people being several inches taller than me.

    I’m kinda looking forward to not being the shortest:)

  15. I am 5’10, so yeah, tall by any standard.

    I hated it in junior high, but now, I appreciate being able to store things on the top of my kitchen cupboards.

  16. Natalie says:

    Whew! You’re a model!

    I have a stool in the kitchen for the top shelves:)

  17. I have a 15 year old son to reach the top shelves in my kitchen. hehe I’m only 5’2″. My oldest son has a 36-38 inch waist and claims to now be 5’9″ (having sprouted four inches in the six weeks he’s been with his father this summer!)

    I’m taller than a few of my friends, but two of my closest friends are 5’10” and 5’11”!

    I’m excited that your book is moving along so well! And thank goodness for the planning you were able to get done at Chick-fil-a!

  18. Kiersten says:

    Natalie, 5’3″ is tall in my books.

    5’10” even more so ; )

  19. Well, I guess I am the tallest writer around.

    Also, thanks for dropping in, evolution (can I call you evolution?)

    I really do like your screen name. The evolution of a writer. It’s perfect. :)

  20. Kiersten says:

    Yes, the rest of us aren’t very creative, are we?

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