I watched History being made

Normally, I try to keep this blog strictly about my writing journey, but I just have to acknowledge the historic event that have taken place to day in America.

I say, no matter who you wanted to win the Presidential election, this an exciting night for us all. History has been made. If you think about it, not long ago African Americans were given the rank of second class citizens. And now, in just a few decades, we have elected our first black President. It’s really very inspiring to me.


8 Responses to I watched History being made

  1. Kiersten says:


    I was so excited when I took my daughter to vote with me. Being a part of history is cool.

  2. JaneyV says:

    It’s been an amazing evening. I really feel that I have watched something spectacular happen.

    I cried watching the speeches. McCain’s was thoughtful, gracious and moving. And I cried during Obama’s. Man – but he’s an inspiring guy!

  3. Kiersten-We brought our kids as well. While I was voting, Amber drew a picture of herself and wrote “I am voting Obama.” We posted it on our wall. :)

    Janey-I’m with you. I’ve watched a lot of elections in my life, but this one definitely felt special. I felt choked up the whole night. My favorite moment was when Obama came out and the crowd was cheering wildly, and he just hugged his wife. Great moment.

  4. You are so right–we were part of history:)

  5. Joanne says:

    Historical days don’t come around often. We’re priviledged to be a part of one.

  6. Diana says:

    What I loved most was the joy that seemed to almost exlpode from the crowds, not just here, but all around the world. We watched it on CNN as groups reacted. It was so moving. Hurray for history!

  7. Diana says:

    ***I meant “explode” 😉

  8. So true, all. It’s quite awesome to see.

    And with so much negativity lately, hopefully this will be a moment we can all come together.