An April Fool’s Day LOL

Hilarious on so many levels.


13 Responses to An April Fool’s Day LOL

  1. JaneyV says:

    That’s hysterical!
    (although I am a little disturbed to see my beloved Ernie with a gun) – I was desperately in love with him you know. His affections were already engaged elsewhere though..

  2. You mean, with Burt?

    (sorry, bad joke :) )

  3. Tara Maya says:

    LOL Oh, no, no, no….so wrong….

  4. JaneyV says:

    Yup! ;0) A girl should never get between a muppet and his good buddy Bert.

  5. Courtney says:

    Renee, that was SO funny! I loved it! How is the end of your book going?

  6. sraasch says:

    *picks self up off floor*

    Wow, Renee. Wow.

  7. I would just add, disturbing on so many levels as well. And yet I’m laughing which adds yet another layer of disturbing to the equation.

    Sadly, I’m afraid Bernie’s end might not be so pleasant…

  8. Glad to see you back around:)

  9. giddymomof6 says:

    HA! Wasn’t expecting that one! Wham! Surprise! LOL!

  10. moonrat says:

    oooooooooooooohhhh my god. hahaha. only… kinda not funny.

  11. jessie says:

    Did you really have to make Sesame Street violent for me? Now I am always going to wonder what Big Bird is really hiding under all those feathers? A bomb? And what about what is REALLY in Oscar’s trash can. Sesame Street is not a safe place. No it’s not.

  12. Kasie West says:

    Um, disturbingly funny. Disturbing because my husband is a financial advisor and in this market I wouldn’t want any of his clients to have guns. Funny because Madoff is an idiot. And also funny because cookie monster always makes me laugh.

  13. :) I’m glad I amused/horrified you all.

    Tara-heh, yes, SO wrong. Maybe that’s why it’s so funny.

    Courtney-It’s going great! I’m almost done.

    Sara-I had the exact reaction when I first saw it. :)

    Candice-lol, so true. I tried to analyze what it said about me that I found it SO funny.


    Jenni-Totally unexpected, right? And hilarious.

    Moonrat-Oh wow, welcome to my humble blog. :)

    Jessie-I agree. Maybe we shouldn’t let our children watch it anymore. Who knows what subtle messages are hidden in those episodes!

    Kasie-I know, I would imagine that this little video could be cathartic for a lot of people.

    Also, cookie monster cracks me up too! I love that guy. :)