Nerd Alert!

Last night I finally saw the new Star Trek movie. Say what you will about it, I was completely blown away. Fan-freaking-tastic. I will say, in full disclosure, that while I regularly enjoyed Next Generation and Voyager, I’ve seen only a few episodes of the original season. So I don’t qualify as a true Trekkie.

Regardless, I completely adored the movie. And do you want to know my favorite part?


I think I’m in love. A brilliant, yet tortured Vulcan–does it get any better?? (hey, I did give you a nerd alert.)


13 Responses to Nerd Alert!

  1. Kiersten says:

    HA! Yes, great movie. Saw it twice : )

    When are we doing lunch?

  2. Natalie says:

    I thought it was awesome, and I’ve never seen a full episode of any Star Trek. Spock is pretty hot.

  3. Kierst-Whenever! I can’t wait!!

    Natalie-And that’s what I think is so great about it. It’s awesome by itself, without relying on the Star Trek brand.

  4. AMEN!!! I am a Trekkie from way back–original, next generation and so forth–and I loved it.


    And I agree, Spock totally stole the show this time around. In fact several of my friends have quite sizable crushes on him now.

    To quote my friend Rachel: “Fascinating” is Vulcan for “Frickin Awesome”!

  5. Kasie West says:

    I loved the movie as well! Adored it. But sorry, I was Captain Kirk all the way. Who doesn’t like a guy who goes barreling into every situation without thinking? :)

  6. Mim says:

    I loved the movie, but Spock really creeped me out at first. I hate his character on Heros. By the end of the movie, I was okay, but the first half, I kept thinking Sylar, not Sylar!

  7. Lady Glamis says:

    Spock was my favorite to! I LOVED this movie. We already have it reserved for when it comes out on DVD. I’ve always loved Star Trek. I wish I could afford the Next Generation box set!

  8. Miriam-Oh, Spock totally stole the show! Cool character aside, the actor himself did an absolutely stand up job.

    Kasie-Kirk had his charms, no doubt. :) He was the classic bad boy, and pretty hot to boot.

    Mim-lol! I never watched Heroes, but I knew he was the bad guy. I can see how it would be hard to like him. :)

    Michelle-I rarely ever buy movies, but this is totally one I want to own!! Maybe I’ll get it for an early Christmas present. :)

  9. sraasch says:

    How could you focus on Spock when that adorable Chekov was running around with his adorable Russian accent and his adorable curly hair and — did I mention he was adorable?

  10. Okay, I hope we can still be friends because I have never seen anything Star Trek, including the movie. But anyone who is something called a Vulcan must be pretty hot.

  11. Sara-Chekov cracked me up! I loved his accent. :)

    Jessie-Yes, we can be still be friends. Unless of course you’ve never seen Lord of the Rings. In which case, I would never speak to you again.

  12. Yes, have seen all Lord of the Rings. Phew! Friendship saved.

  13. *wipes forehead* That was a close one!

    I’m glad to hear it, Jessie. :)