I am afraid to say there will be no Photoshop Friday today. Why, you may ask? Well, I’ve been busily working away on what I hope to be the final editing round of Searcher.

And guess what? Tonight (or last night, depending on when you read this) I FINISHED!!!

*glee* *happiness* *much grinning*

Now it’s off to my final round of readers (who will probably give me a list of things to do, so perhaps this celebration is a bit premature . . .) Ah well. At any rate, I’m feeling happy tonight. It’s been a LOOOOONG haul with this book. I’ve decided to outline my journey with this book,

July 31, 2008-Get the beginning seed of the idea, write down two pages of notes.

October 3, 2008-After daydreaming about/making notes on here and there (I was busy with a different book,) I decide to get serious about this idea. Start the researching, brainstorming, and frantic note taking.

October 17, 2008
-Begin writing the first draft.

November 5, 2008-Restructure and rewrite first four chapters.

January 2009-Enter blue period.

February 12, 2009-Make two separate sets of significant changes/rewrites to the entire working draft.

April 7, 2009-Finish first draft!

April 8, 2009
-Launch into my massive revisions list.

April 24, 2009-Finish the first round of edits and pass onto betas.

May 22, 2009-Complete the edits as suggested by my betas, including rewriting the whole climax/ending.

June-July 2009-Remove scaffolding, rewrite opening chapter five or six times, and basically pick away at the thing, revising it all the way through at least twice.

Mid-August 2009-Go through my third, but by far largest “This Book Sucks, It’s Total Crap, I’m Going To Watch It Burn” Phase.

August 27, 2009-Print out another hard copy of the manuscript with the grim determination to go at it with a fine toothed comb

October 2, 2009 After making two significant changes to the first half, both of which required a lot of rewriting, and then carefully going through the rest, I complete the