Stalking in the shadows . . .

It is I, Dracula. I am hanging out here on this blog, vaiting for vhat must be vunderful Photoshop Friday. But I am told that it vill come tommorrow, for a Halloveen special.

Alas! I must keep vaiting. . .

In the meantime, has anyvone ever told you that you have a lovely neck?

***Oh vait, I forgot vun thing. If you are desperately craving to see Renee’s vurk, you can check out her qvery letter, vhich is now being drained of blood at Evil Editors. (He and I are pretty tight.)***


6 Responses to Stalking in the shadows . . .

  1. Kasie West says:

    I guess I’ll wait (since I have no choice in the matter). Thank goodness you had dracula delivering the news or there might have been a riot. As it is, he’s lulled us all into acceptance (or a lack of blood coma [I can’t tell the difference]).

  2. Candice says:

    You’re so funny! I can’t wait for the Saturday special!

    I just hoped over to EE and read your query. I think it’s very compelling, and I agree with his thoughts and changes. That guy is some kind of evil genius. 😉

  3. Hello, Dracula you’re looking very frightening today. (And not at all Rob Pattinson-ish.)

    How is your Halloween shaping up?

  4. sraasch says:

    Dracula: The Original Edward Cullen.

    Thanks for bringing him back!

  5. Brave you for putting your query on Evil Editor. He’s merciless. A very cool idea for your book. I was wondering how you created the name “merk” because I am trying to think of a made-up element name, too. Then I figured it out: word verification. That’s where you got it, huh? So my element shall hereafter be called (looking below)…babisin.

  6. Kasie-That Dracula, always acting up. Sorry about the loss of blood.

    Candice-EE is great. His minions can be a touch snide sometimes, but that’s all part of the gig, I guess. :)

    Miriam and Sara-Bela Lugosi=the O.G. vampire.

    Jessie-lol, how did you guess?! 😉 In truth, I struggled with finding the name. It’s not easy. I decided on merk because the people originally thought it was liquid mercury, and gave it a nickname related to that.

    I wish I’d thought of babisin, though. Talk about awesome.