Apparently I was a violent child

Alternate post title: Authentic Teenage Voice

So my older sister Rebecca sent me this little gem from her 8th grade diary, and I wanted to share it with you. Becca was 13 when she wrote this, and my twin sister and I were 10.

“I’m so angry. I can’t believe how violent the twins are. Instead of saying be quiet or stop it, they lunge out in viciousness. In the past 12 hours I have received 4 bloody scars and several welts. All from the Twins!! My parents just say its too bad. They never listen. I dread each day. What new problems will remain unattended? On a happier note, I realized how much I am falling in love with Michael. I can’t wait for school. I get to see him.”

I’m not sure which amuses me more: the supremely dramatic prose, or the abrupt shift at the end to talk of romance. :)


Well I’ll be hornswaggled!

Dude, guys, I just finished the first draft of my WiP!!

You’re thinking: ?!??!?!?

But seriously. I’m done. Maybe it’s because the book was outlined, or maybe I just hit that exciting second half and couldn’t slow down, but I’ve been pounding out this baby. And now I’m DONE!!

(btw, in regards to my post title, haven you noticed how weird I get when it’s one a.m. and I’m kind of giddy?)

At any rate gang, this novel was complete MUCH sooner than I expected. It’s kind of insane. Details about this super secret book will soon follow. (Maybe . . .) What’s up next for me? A nice break. But only from writing! That means I might actually blog more!

You: No. Way.

Me: WAY!

You: I just wet my pants out of sheer delight.

*ahem* Loopy. Anyway. I’d better hit the sack for now, but I really will be around online more now. This party’s just getting started. See you then. :)


Adventures in Outlining

As I might have mentioned before, my current WiP (which is referred to in my side bar as The Secret One) is one of the first that I have fully outlined before writing. I’ve always outlined to some extent, but never the entire novel. It’s been a very interesting experience.

One of the eternal debates in the writing world is “To outline, or not to outline?”. Proponents of outlining suggest that you can have a more organized story, a tighter story, and that you will require less revision once you are done. I think (think) for the most part, I agree with this. However in my first foray into complete outlining, I’ve struggled with a few unexpected concerns.

1. “A more organized story”
Perhaps. But have you ever worried that your story is too exciting? I know this seems odd, but I’ve wrestled with this one a bit on this WiP. When outlining, I played with the Three Act structure. Part of this include