Adventures in Outlining

As I might have mentioned before, my current WiP (which is referred to in my side bar as The Secret One) is one of the first that I have fully outlined before writing. I’ve always outlined to some extent, but never the entire novel. It’s been a very interesting experience.

One of the eternal debates in the writing world is “To outline, or not to outline?”. Proponents of outlining suggest that you can have a more organized story, a tighter story, and that you will require less revision once you are done. I think (think) for the most part, I agree with this. However in my first foray into complete outlining, I’ve struggled with a few unexpected concerns.

1. “A more organized story”
Perhaps. But have you ever worried that your story is too exciting? I know this seems odd, but I’ve wrestled with this one a bit on this WiP. When outlining, I played with the Three Act structure. Part of this include