Dreams come true!!

Today, I head out of town to buy a minivan!!! Every mom’s dream!

(Did I getcha? Did you see my post title and think I had amazing, writing related news? *grin* Sorry, I’m feeling a little cheeky this morning.)

In truth, my feelings on the purchase of a minivan are fairly neutral. I can’t say I’ve dreamed of owning one, but I’m not one of those people loathe the idea. Truth is, it may not be the coolest car out there, but it will fill our needs in the most price and fuel efficient way. So there you go.

As far as writing related news, nothing dramatic to report. I’m busying away on edits. This is the first time I’ve ever had to add words in the revision process. It’s surprisingly hard. After taking a few weeks to ponder, and getting some great feedback from a beta, I’m pretty sure I have some solid areas to expand. However, for me, editing has always been all about cutting. So it just feels weird.

*lovingly strokes Delete key* Next editing round, baby. Next round.

Anyway, here’s hoping I can still get some work done on my little minivan-purchasing pleasure cruise. I’ll see you all when I come back next week!


8 Responses to Dreams come true!!

  1. I’m so JEALOUS!!! I didn’t use to dream of owning one, but I do now. We’re down to one car and that car is a Toyota Corrolla. Three boys in the back with two car seats is a TIGHT squeeze. Very awesome.

  2. MT says:

    Hey, have fun with that minivan. Our kids are big enough now that we’ve gone back to a car – I forgot how much easier it is to drive a car!
    By the way, tell me what a beta is? It sounds like you’re getting feedback from a fish. 😉

  3. Jill Wheeler says:

    Ha, when I saw the title for your post, I so did not expect to see a picture of a minivan! Congrats, nonetheless!

  4. Woot! Minivan! Hehe.

    Isn’t it funny how the writing process is always changing? I never make the same mistake twice. It seems like I’m always botching something I thought I had figured out…

  5. Aubrie says:

    I always have to add words when I revise, and it IS difficult!

    Good luck with your minivan shopping.

  6. I’m jealous of your minivan, too. I want one that has a tv, automatic doors, and talks to me.

  7. Kasie West says:

    Welcome to the minivan club!! It’s an amazing right of passage. It means you’re a real grown-up. :)

  8. Candice says:

    You’re going to get a swagger wagon!! Awesome. If you don’t know what I mean you should definitely check out this link. Congrats!