THE ONE! (explained)

Reading through my blog is like reading my personal writing journal. As much as I try to generalize topics, in the end, I always end up pouring my inner turmoils and triumphs onto this little piece of the internet I call a blog.

Having said that, you can probably tell with a simple glance at my recent posts, that I have been on a quest of sorts in the past weeks. A quest to find THE ONE. The perfect new book idea. The idea that has been waiting in the shadowy regions of my very soul!

Well, I’ve been doing a great deal of pondering lately. (I’m telling you, if there was a contest for pondering I. WOULD. WIN.) And I’ve come to two very big, very scary, but also very exciting realizations.

1. There is no ONE idea.

I know, I know. Right now you are thinking, I TOLD you, Ren. And so you did. Call me stubborn. 🙂 I guess I resisted this idea because I knew there was something. Some indefinable thing that made some books just fit so perfectly with a particular author. I kept thinking it was the idea.