As you may have noticed (and may or may not have cared,) I’ve been absent for a while from ye old blog. I can’t account for most of those days, but this last weekend, I’ve been AWOL. With these gals. We were all hanging out at a writer’s retreat in the desert. These ladies pretty much rock. The desert rocks as well. (Who knew, right?)

Here we are.From left to right: Michelle, me, Candice, Jenn, Kasie, Sara, and Natalie.

Though this picture is more accurate, I think.

Anyway, now I’m all recharged and brimming with writerly thoughts. Thanks to them, I have ideas for more blog posts, which will come soon. Until then, the only possible useful purpose I can give for this post (other than trying to prevent this from turning into a once-a-month type of blog,) is to say that having writer friends has been the NUMBER ONE smartest thing I’ve done for my writing career. No question. If you don’t have friends who are writers in your genre, get some! Be brave. Be friendly. Be outgoing online. You’ll be glad that you did.


21 Responses to Recharged

  1. It looks like you all are standing in a post card, a writing retreat sounds like an awesome escape :)

  2. It was SO awesome! :) I’m so glad you could come this year. Last time was sadly lacking without your smiling face and infamous backside. 😛

  3. Kasie West says:

    So. Much. Fun. :) Now, when can we do it again? :)

  4. C. N. Nevets says:

    Seems like everyone really had a great time!

    You’re right about the importance of having writer friends, especially in and around your own genre. I’ve made several on-line, and even though they’re all west coast or UK, and I’m in the midwest, and a retreat or a cup of coffee is out of the question, it still helps a ton.

  5. Cute pictures!! 😀 Hopefully I’ll be able to come next year! So sad I missed out this year. Life happens I guess. :)

  6. I noticed! I wondered where you were, but a writing retreat is an excellent reason! Sounds amazing. :)

  7. PROYECTOS says:

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  8. Red Boot-It was as pretty as a postcard there! For sure. :)

    Jenn-lol, I know you guys are all secretly missing my butt. Most people do. 😉

    Kasie-SOOOOOOOOON! Pretty please? Someone needs to make it happen. :)

    C.N-Exactly! I didn’t meet any of my writer friends until about a year or so of knowing them. Some I’ve never met. But they’re still so nice to have!

    Chantele-We did miss you. Next time for sure!! And maybe lunch sometime before then. :)

    Miriam-It was a blast. You definitely should try it sometime!

  9. I miss US already! SIGH. :)

  10. KLM says:

    Ugh. I can barely look at that photo out of envy!

    I’m deep in the trenches of summer. It’s all bored kids and diapers for me at the moment. I need a week-long retreat at Atlantis Writing Camp in Grand Cayman while teams of people massage me and paint my toenails. (“Get these damn cucumber slices off my eyes! I can’t see the computer screen!”)

    Glad to hear it revved you up. I also hope the waiting is going as well as waiting can go!

  11. Michelle- Me too! :(

    Kristen-Ah yes, I’d join you at that retreat. (Especially if I could be cranky with the staff ;))

    My retreat was a blast, but just not long enough. Like one big tease.

  12. Sounds blissful! I asked for writing time for my birthday (and a breadmaker)

    I’m glad to know that your backside is infamous though. I thought there was something special about you and now I know what it is!

  13. Shelly-Ha! Yes, my butt was the topic of much discussion at the retreat. But, you know, how could it not? 😉

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  15. mahmoud01 says:

    how wonderfull sunrise time with friends,absolutely good pic ,that s place clear the mind.

  16. Wow Very Beautiful looking . good pictures share in the post. awesoem

  17. wow looking beautiful

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