Until We Meet Again Pre-Order Contest!

GUYS. Do you realize that Until We Meet Again comes out in THREE WEEKS?? Three weeks! That’s it. I’m not sure whether this fact fills my heart with glee or terror. Maybe a healthy combination of both?

It’s a scary and exciting thing to put a new book into the world. It’s the moment of truth, in a way. Will this story reach readers in the way you hope? Will the characters touch their hearts? Will they feel all the feels?? These are the thoughts that plague me late at night. (Or at around 3:30 this morning, to be precise.)

To celebrate this moment, and to show my genuine gratitude for the love and excitement Until We Meet Again has received so far, I’m throwing an awesome pre-order contest! Fun Fact: Pre-orders are actually very important in the “Grand Publishing Scheme of Things.” So, to entice you all into taking the plunge, I’ve gathered together some fantastic prizes. Take a look!

The Prizes

First of all, *EVERYONE* who pre-orders will get a beautiful, signed postcard!


THREE of you will win a signed copy of my debut novel, Relic


TWO of you will win $15 Barnes and Noble gift cards!


And ONE lucky winner will receive this gorgeous, handmade leather journal from Badger and Chirp in honor of Lawrence, the dreamy poet from Until We Meet Again.


Entering the contest is easy!

  1. Pre-order the book! Hardcover and ebook pre-orders both count. They are available where ever books are sold. Barnes and Noble. Amazon. IndieBound. Itunes. ETC! If you win one of the big prizes, I might ask you for the order number as proof of purchase, but I think we’re pretty safe doing an honor system deal, right? You guys are awesome.
  2. Spread the word about the contest on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram for another entry per site.
  3. Comment here and let me know the number of entries!
  4. Email me at 1wrenbird@gmail.com with your address, so I can send you your signed postcard.

That’s it! Contest starts now and ends on my release date: November 3rd!

I hope you guys are excited as I am about this! It’s going to be fun! So, go forth and pre-order! I’ll be over here in the corner, vacillating between terror and joy. 😉


Until We Meet Again ARC Giveaway!

Well, hello there, lovely internet people! It’s been FAR too long since I posted here on my website. A lot has happened. As you can see from my spruced up new front page, I have a new book coming out! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN hits bookstores and ebook stores everywhere on November 3rd! Read all about it on my Books page.

In the meantime, look what I got! ARCs! A *second* box of beautiful ARCs.
photo (5)
And I have a hankering to give them away.

Most of these ARCs are reserved for Salt Lake Comic Con (September 24-26th in Salt Lake City, Utah,) where I am honored and excited to be on some great panels! I’ll also be signing copies of RELIC *and* passing out a limited amount of UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN ARCs for a lucky few. (Check my twitter and Facebook feed soon for more details.)

But I’d hate to leave out those of you who can’t be at SLC Comic Con! So, I’ve decided to give away THREE copies this week!

There will be four ways to enter. Do all four for extra entries and an added chance to win:

1. Comment here! (When you do, let me know how many entries you have!)

2. Spread the word about this contest! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr are all great! (Make sure to mention me in it, so I know to count your entry.)

3. Add Until We Meet Again on Goodreads!

4. Follow me on Twitter: @reneecollins_ Friend me on Facebook: Renee Underwood Collins. Or follow my Instagram account: reneecollinsauthor

And that’s it, folks. The contest will end on *September 16th.* I’ll randomly select and announce a winner here, as well as on all of my social media outlets.

Best of luck!


Relic Book Trailer

Fun Fact about Renee: I love movies. In another life, I could have been a filmmaker. I’ve chosen books and writing, and I’m happy with my decision, but I still have a special place in my heart for the art of film.

That’s what makes this so cool for me. A trailer! For my book! Maybe I’m just a visual person. Maybe I’m a sucker for epic soundtracks. But watching this fan trailer makes me giddy.

Check it out!

A huge, huge thanks to my amazing twin sister, Diana, for putting this together for me! It truly encapsulates the feel of RELIC. Watching this the first time, I got goosebumps (and okay, maybe cried a little,) because it just IS my book. It’s completely perfect.

Another little check on my Writer Dreams Come True list!


The Relic Blog Tour!


We are about ONE WEEK to release date, people! My little story is about to become a real, live book. I can’t express the feelings this fact brings out in me. Let’s just say, it’s unlike anything else.

Today begins my blog tour! I’m so grateful for everyone that wanted to participate! And I’m beyond grateful to my amazing publicists that set it all up for me. You’re all awesome! I owe everyone involved a hug. :)

Here’s the schedule for my tour!

Week One
8/19- Jessabella Reads– Review

8/20- Books, Bones and Buffy– Guest Post

8/21- The Quiet Concert- Review

8/22- Fantasy Book Addict– Interview

Week Two
8/26- Hobbitsies– Guest Post

8/27- The Demon Librarian– Review

8/28- Fade Into Fantasy– Interview

8/29- The Eater of Books!– Review

8/30- Notebook Sisters- Guest Post


Go check out all the awesome posts! And thanks again to all the cool bloggers who helped out!



While preparing to write this post, I’ve decided that “blurb” is one of the stranger words in the Writing World vernacular. Say it five times, and you’ll see that I’m right.

Sometimes it sounds like an expression of distaste. “Bluuuuuuurb.” And that’s ironically appropriate. The process of procuring blurbs for your novel is universally agreed upon to be one of the least fun aspects of getting published. The whole situation feels a lot like asking the coolest guy in school to the Prom. The fear of rejection runs strong. Personal insecurities blossom.

But then! Sometimes you hit the jackpot. I feel that way about my experience. Today I’m so excited to share with you some of the amazing blurbs I’ve received for Relic. I feel so lucky and grateful! Just look at them!


“Weaving the allure of the Old West with layers of magic, Collins’ debut is an intriguing, enchanting ride.” -Kiersten White, NYT bestselling author of the PARANORMALCY series, MIND GAMES, and the upcoming CHAOS OF STARS.

RELIC is like nothing else I’ve read – a historical fantasy teeming with ghost coyotes, duplicitous Haciendos, sexy cowboys, and dangerous relic magic. I loved spending time in Collins’ magnificent reimagining of the Old West!”-Jessica Spotswood, author of BORN WICKED and the upcoming STAR CURSED.

“A magically romantic tale of how the West should’ve been won. Collins’ debut drew me in and held me until the breathtaking end.” –Kasie West, author of PIVOT POINT and the upcoming THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US.


See why I’m over the moon? Kasie, Kiersten, and Jessica are all authors that I knew of long before Relic. I’ve read their books. I’ve loved their books. So, to have them read and love mine is a feeling unlike any other. When I got each of their emails, you better believe I was doing the happy dance around my living room.

To Jessica, Kiersten, and Kasie: I know I already said it, but let me publicly thank you again. It means so much to me that you took the time to read my book. And of course, it’s also pretty dang amazing that you loved my book. So THANK YOU! If I could, I would bake you the sugary treat of your choice.

So in conclusion, while the process of gathering blurbs may not seem like fun at first, in the end, it’s really pretty fantastic. Which is why, the word also works an exclamation of delight. Come on. Say it with me “BLURB!!!”

Add RELIC on Goodreads
Pre-Order RELIC on iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and The Book Depository


A Cover of My Very Own!

I’m a visual person. So for me, from the very beginning, one of the top author milestones I dreamed of has been getting a cover for my book. I’ve always been a huge cover junkie. Whenever I see “COVER REVEAL” tweets, I always click the link. It’s just fun to see a story represented in pictures and photographs, instead of words. So, needless to say, I’ve been waiting VERY anxiously to see what the amazing team at Entangled comes up with for the cover for RELIC.

And guys, I was not disappointed. I’m so thrilled with this cover, I can’t even tell you! And I’m beyond excited to share it with you all.

There are some AMAZING blogs helping out with the reveal. I even included two exclusive excerpts, which you can find at the different locations. Head over to any of the following to see the beautiful, amazing cover for RELIC!

The Story Siren
Two Chicks on Books
Supernatural Snark

Plus, after you’ve gazed and enjoyed, you can enter to win an ARC of RELIC!!

(A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out!)


Fantasy Writers Shall Rule the World!

In so many ways, I feel lucky to have the amazing writer friends I’ve made. They’re fantastic critique partners. They make me laugh when I’m feeling down. They cheer me on when good things happen. They’re all SO FUN to hang out with. And best of all, they’re all amazing writers, so I get to read the COOLEST books, years before the teeming masses get their hands on them.

One of these AWESOME books was my good friend, Sara Raa


Cover Love!

A couple years ago, at a writer’s conference, a few of my best writer pals and I were hanging out, chatting, and sharing bits of our WiPs. I clearly remember my friend Jenn Johansson reading a snippet of hers, a book called INSOMNIA. I thought, this book will go places.

Then, a few months later, I read the book, and I KNEW it would go places.

And sure enough, I was right! (I have a sense about these things, people.) INSOMNIA is creepy, dark, and heart-pounding. And now it has an amazing cover to match!

CLICK HERE to see what I mean, and try to tell me that isn’t the creepycoolest cover you’ve seen in, like, ever.


Stick Figure Bliss

So, as you may know, I’ve joined the awesome ladies at the Friday the Thirteeners blog. We’re a group of authors debuting in 2013. They’re awesome. I love them. :)

Anyway, as part of the blog, each week we play a round of truth or dare with our readers. Well, I took my first dare this week. I had to draw a scene from my book in story board format. And since I did all the work already, I might as well post here on my woebegone little blog.

So, with no further ado, I present, a scene from RELIC!

If my stick figure mediocrity hasn’t scared you away, you can always go add RELIC on GoodReads.  Just sayin’. 😉


My Amazing News!

Wow. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this post, guys. It’s one of those key moments that every bright-eyed newb writer dreams of. I’m sure, years ago, I would have planned a long, gushy post, adorned with many exclamation points and PHRASES IN ALL CAPS to relay this news.

Today, I find myself at a lack for words. So I’ll let Publisher’s Marketplace do the talking for me:

  I’m just so grateful. Grateful, happy, thrilled, and rather moved, actually. (Tears may have been shed in the writing of this little post.) In the coming days, I’ll write more about getting to this moment. Though, I do have to include one of my other favorite key moments in this post. The contract signing photo! My favorite!